The Countdown is On: 4 Weeks Until New Novel

Hey There! It is here!!! The preview and the kick off of my promotional period for my next book—a contemporary romance novel. In just 4 weeks I will be releasing this labor of love on Amazon, available as an ebook, and maybe, just maybe, a paperback, too. I’ve been feeling the rhythm of formatting and think that it’s feasible to say the paperback could also come out in 4 weeks. If not four, then by June 1st. But the book will definitely be here May 15th!

Now what ebook (and possible paperback) is coming on May 15th? The title (yes, I finally have one) is When Girlfriends Break Hearts.

A little about the title…basically this new novel is going to be the opener for what I project to be a 6-book series. I would love to continue using the operative word “Girlfriends” from book-to-book, to tie it all in together and because “Girlfriends” are the basis of the books, but we’ll see what the muse dictates each moment title time comes around.

But this little baby, my new book that I am SO excited and proud to share with you next month, is called When Girlfriends Break Hearts. I hope this new book finds you well and leaves you feeling ready and excited for the next installment! Which I have on my goal calendar to be completed by this autumn. It’s aggressive as this summer is going to be busy, but I love writing and I love when I hear back from readers who say they enjoy my writing style and want more. So more is what I shall produce!

With 4 weeks until the release what have I in store for you lovely readers? Well today I’m unveiling the title, the official launch date/announcement, and this amazing new ebook thumbnail version of my cover. My husband gets all the credit. He took my vision and seriously gave me exactly what I wanted. I wanted it fun, feminine, and very chick-lit-genre-like, and I wanted it to have one single image (the cupcake) that represents something about the protagonist. Oh it’s so much fun. I just love it, and I hope you do, too. And I hope it’s a great eye-catcher when readers scan through e-shelves.

Before I take off and get dinner ready (German Spaetzle is on the menu; I love these “German noodles.” Delicious.)… In celebration of my new novel coming out I’m doing a 4-week-long promo where each week I’ll be counting down to the release date on May 15th and either give a new sneak peek of the book, or do a fun giveaway. Or both. :) And for next week’s 3-week mark I think I’ll be doing a giveaway… Yup, that’s what I’m going to do! Be sure to check back here on my Blog early next week, or my Facebook Page, or Twitter feed, to get the scoop on the giveaway!

Thank you for reading and giving me and my work your time. I appreciate each and every one of my readers!

Happy Reading!