3 Week Promo: A Giveaway!

Hey There! Today is the 3-week mark until my new novel, When Girlfriends Break Hearts, hits Amazon’s e-shelves! I am super-super excited. And a bit nervous. And kinda scared. But I’m really, really excited! I do hope you enjoy it.

For today’s special promo I’ve decided to hold a GIVEAWAY. The weather is beautiful here and really starting to warm up, my flowers on the balcony aren’t dead after all (they were looking kinda weepy for a couple weeks), and, well, it’s promo time and I feel like giving one of my lovely readers a FREE and SIGNED copy of Bumped to Berlin.

The paperback copies of Bumped I ordered finally passed through Customs and I was fortunate to not have to head to the Zollamt to retrieve them. They’re finally here which means I can give a copy away to one lucky person!

Who’s it going to be?

The name of this Giveaway game is simple. One word: Connect.

Social media and the ideas of keeping in touch and connecting are all around us. And seeing how that is so, and seeing how I do some social media marketing and blogging in the wedding industry in the States, why not run with the whole theme?

So all you have to do to enter the Giveaway is ONE of four things. (If you want to go all out and do all of them, go for out! But all you need in order to participate in the Giveaway is to contact me in at least one of these four ways.)

To Enter to Win Either:

A) “Like” my Facebook Page: Savannah Page


B) Follow me on Twitter: Savannah_Page


C) Be my friend on Goodreads: Savannah Page (Goodreads Author)


D) Send me an email saying you’d like to be entered in the contest.

That’s it! Connect with me…and maybe you’ll get a pretty little surprise in your mailbox!

The Giveaway will run from today (April 24) until April 30.

Contest is open to readers in the following countries: United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, and EU nations

I will choose one contact at random and announce right here on the Blog…and Twitter…and Facebook…the winner on May 1st—one week from today. Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by and thank you in advance for participating. I’m looking forward to connecting with my readers and tomorrow I’ll be bringing you something more! You’ll just have to wait and visit again tomorrow for that one….

Happy Reading!