Coming In From the Rain...Finally

Hey There! So I said I’d send out a Blog post last week and, well, obviously I’m just now crawling in from the rain (actually) and writing. Well, let me rephrase that. I’m just now writing on the Blog. I have been an editing madhouse these past 2 weeks. And guess what? My rounds of editing were, as of 14:30-ish today, completed! I’m going to do a big, straight read-through tomorrow and then off it goes to the editor. I am super psyched!

I know I’ve bragged about them before, but again, my beta girls really did a superb job at helping me fine-tune this baby and I trust that with their help, with my solid editing cap on, and with a recommended editor on the books, this new novel should be…well…the best thing I could possibly put out there for you. Polished. From the heart. My first published try at giving you a contemporary romance read that I hope sweeps you away and makes you want to read the rest in the series. Yup, I’m working on a 6-book series.

And speaking of putting the book out there…when is it happening?

Drumroll…. May 15th!

May 15, 2012, is the date of e-publication for my premiere contemporary romance (aka- “chick lit” and no, I don’t think it’s a degrading term. I think it’s cute.).

The name of this book? Yeah, well, you see, that’s where I’ve been stumped. I am seriously (no joke) tossing at night before I sleep because I’m running title possibilities through my mind. And to no avail. I’ve turned to my betas (again) and I think that within the next day or so it will come to me. Maybe their insight will help…having just finished my huge round of editing may help turn the bulb on…who knows. Basically, May 15th is what I do know, and if the date fluctuates for any reason, I’ll be sure to update ya. And when I do have a title, I’ll send a shout out, too.

I am so glad I finally got to visit the Blog again. It had been awhile. With Easter and work and even a visitor from the States, it’s been a pretty busy time. I hope you enjoyed your Easter and holiday weekend. Let’s just say I ate one-too-many pieces of delicious German cake. And the best part about German cake? The leftovers. The cake just keeps on coming and coming…. Mmmm.

Before I sign off I wanted to let you know that in prep and promo for my next book I’ll be doing some fun things leading up to the release. Like each week I’ll share a preview or sneak peek or do a giveaway or something. Just fun stuff. I think I’ll be doing a 4-week countdown which means—WOW—next week marks the 4 week mark before the book arrives! Better get to work on planning some previews, giveaways, and just fun ’n fab things!

Happy Reading!