Ebook of the Day

Hey There! Today is a beautiful, getting-warm, and sunshine-filled day in Berlin. And, since my husband’s on vaca this week and we’ve got some possible plans of trekking through my favorite outdoor market (the Tuerkenmarkt in Kreuzberg) this afternoon, I’ll make today’s blog post brief.

I said that there was some fun news coming soon so today I’ll dish about it.

First, Bumped to Berlin is featured on the Ebook Top 100 Blog (www.ebooktop100.blogspot.de) today as The Book of the Day. Cool, hah? This blog has many lists of top 100 ebooks in various genres (from Historical or Urban Fantasy to Thrillers, and tons in between and beyond). The lists are also broken down by price, so if you’re a bargain-hunter or looking for a new read under $3.99, this blog will have some lists you may find helpful.

And they also have a Book of the Day feature and March 23rd is my special day. Yay! Feel free to browse through this very straightforward blog that’s designed to help genre-specific readers, top-rated book readers, and bargain readers…and, naturally, ebook readers, find a good read.

Thanks, EBookTop100, for featuring my travelogue today! Much appreciated.

Second in the news group, my new book cover is almost complete! And that means my next book is nearly complete. The actual text is in the beta hands now and then it’s off to lots of editing before it goes live. Even hired an editor for this one! (I know, fancy schmancy, eh?) But the book cover is probably 98% done. What’s the 2% left? Well, 1% is tiny, last minute touchups, and 1% is nailing down a title. I know, crazy, hah? I am still battling the title wars. I’m getting really close, though, and I think when I have a solid release date ready to announce I’ll have a title to share then, too. (I hope so! Hah!)

That’s all the news for now. I have some more “spotlight / publicity” features coming later this spring for Bumped, but I’ll dish about those later as they near. Until then, have a great Friday and I hope you’re having as delightful weather as I am in Berlin! And, have a fabulous weekend…filled with some reading, perhaps? I’m going to keep reading Rachel Schurig’s Three Girls and a Wedding for my fun, fellow-indie author, chick-lit read. And I’m going to take on Lynne Truss’s Eats, Shoots & Leaves for some editing / writing tutelage before I delve into editing my baby.

Happy Reading!