Sneak Peek: Full Book Cover & Synopsis

Hey There! I’m feeling a bit under the weather today and ran myself ragged doing chores (in retrospect not the greatest idea). So I’m going to keep today’s Blog post short ’n sweet.

In less than 3 weeks my new chick lit novel, When Girlfriends Break Hearts, will be here! And each week leading up to the release I’m doing some kind of a promo thingamajig. All this week I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY where I’m sending 1 lucky reader a signed paperback copy of Bumped to Berlin. (Entering the Giveaway is easy—details are all HERE).

In addition to the Giveaway this week I decided it was time to give everyone a little bigger taste of the new novel. Last week the title and ebook cover premiered. Today? The full book cover! And the book back summary/synopsis. Yup, now you can finally get an idea of what the book is about. Haha

I hope you enjoy today’s peek and look forward to picking up the book and meeting some characters who I have actually kind of bonded with. (Yes, I am starting to believe that the people I created are actually real. Uh oh….)

I’ll be back here on the Blog next week when I’ll be unveiling even more fun stuff pertaining to the new book. And I’ll be announcing the WINNER of the Giveaway!

Until then have a great day; and now I’m going to fetch my Erkaeltungstee (a cup of tea for colds) and finish watching Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. (Yes, this movie rocks.)

Happy Reading!