Can I Trouble You Readers for a Review or Rating?

Hey There! Can I trouble you for a favor, dear readers?

If you’ve read Bumped to Berlin and enjoyed it would you mind posting a review or star-rating for me on Amazon or even Goodreads?

Now I’m trying to heed a fellow indie author’s advice (Zoe Winters) that stalking my reviews and reading them voraciously isn’t exactly healthy; and it can really disturb the creative muse and writing confidence. (Zoe blogs about readers and reviews HERE—I really enjoyed this post.)

And I, as a reader, don’t actually put too, too much stock in another person's review (particularly a negative one). Because have I ever decided to buy or not buy a book based off of a snarky review I’ve read on Amazon? Quite the contrary, personally. I’ve seen some Goodreads reviews rating certain books on my to-read list with 1, 2 and 3 stars and guess what? I’ve bought and enjoyed many of these books. I figure if a book isn’t for you you can usually tell by the book back summary and most definitely after reading the free sample that Amazon provides with ebooks and most paperbacks.

Anyway, before I get off track…. Reviews may very well be helpful to fellow readers, a great reason as to why readers should leave reviews, or at least a simple star rating. I’m guilty. I don’t leave reviews for books. But I make sure to leave star ratings. A simple click of the number of stars at the end of each ebook I read on my Kindle is super easy. And a rating on Goodreads is easy, too; and I like to do that as my Goodreads “recommended reading list” is therefore more accurate.

But, book reviews and ratings, especially on Amazon, also help out the author. Especially the indie author who needs all the marketing boost she can get! And not because a zillion 4 and 5 stars and rave reviews will make me jump for joy. And not because (most definitely not because) a bunch of 1 star and mean-spirited reviews will make me want to hit my head against a wall. (Did some people just not watch Bambi as kids? I mean, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Or at least do the whole Praise-Suggestion-Praise thing and be constructive with criticism. I appreciate that. And if you didn’t like the book a few pages in did you ever think to download a free sample and judge at that point? And to review a book without finishing it just seems so…wrong. Okay, got that out of my system.)

No—book reviews and ratings help the author out so book bloggers and book reviewing sites will agree to pick up my book and feature it, giving an in-depth review or analysis of it for their many blog followers. And these book blogging sites can be really helpful in finding out what's new in a particular genre and also with indie authors. (There are some fabulous Chicklit book blogging sites that I've stumbled upon. Their features are making me want to add a few new books to my to-read shelf.) These blogs and sites can also feature interviews with the author, and share news of (or even offer) book copy giveaways! (Who doesn't love free stuff?) Many of these sites and blogs require a minimum amount of book reviews, and even star ratings, on Amazon. I’m trying to get Bumped on some book bloggers’s blogs and would greatly appreciate any help I can get from my dear readers.

So that’s my spill. If you loved my book word-of-mouth recommendations can really go a long way and I’m very grateful for that! Please don’t stop. :) Though I can’t physically see that kind of marketing online, word-of-mouth goes a long way and it’s actually how I myself have found a lot of my books. When a good friend recommends a book to me I 99% of the time pick it up. No questions asked. And then I re-spread the word.

A quick star review once you’ve finished the ebook, or via Goodreads, or even a quick written review on Amazon are also very helpful. And regardless of the rating or review you wish to give Bumped, an honest review above all else is much appreciated.

And, as always, your emails and personal Facebook and Twitter messages, especially with constructive criticism, are always welcome! I am so delighted that you would take the time to not only read my book, but also rate or review it, or send me a personal email telling me your thoughts. Super awesomeness!

Thank you to everyone who has helped root for my book and writing career. I really appreciate it and hope I can keep on writing for you for many years to come! (P.S.: I will have some exciting news regarding my next book very soon. I’m super jazzed about the news.)

And if you’ve already reviewed my book, rated it, even featured it on your own blog…spread the word about it…read it and enjoyed it…anything to help give it a boost in the spotlight, THANK YOU! Danke a million times over.

Well have a lovely mid-March day and if the weather is permitting, enjoy a walk outside or grab some lovely tulips for your living room. I’m going to do just that. A little bit of both, but not too much walking. It’s a chilly mid-40 degree day with lots of clouds, but this weekend we’re going to see true spring weather with mid-60s and sun!!! Yup, you heard me right. I am ecstatic! I’m even going to pick up fresh new flowers to plant in the balcony “garden” on Friday. I can’t wait!! And, yes, Sally II is coming along for the ride and I anticipate a heavy load.

Another P.S.: Think I’ll tweet my “balcony gardening” adventure on Friday. What do you think? Maybe you fellow tweeters will have a few recommendations on which flowers I should snag. Sounds like fun! Here’s a little peek at what I’ve already picked up. Some fresh Rosemary and Basil, but still in the kitchen where it’s not so chilly.

Herbs to Plant

Happy Reading!