Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hey There! St. Patty’s Day is almost here! Anyone have fun plans? I hear that the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) here in Berlin is going to become green! Well, since my husband is taking vacation next week and tomorrow the weather will be showing us beautiful 70 degree temps and sunshine we will probably be making our way in that direction. It’s not too far. At least we’ll walk to an area where we can catch sight of it and ooo and ahhh at the greenness. And then traverse about random neighborhoods, soaking up the sunny rays.

Speaking of greenness. I put my green thumb to use today and bought all new spring time flowers! My balcony’s “garden” still had the old and dead plants from the season that is soon passing by. It was time to switch them out, especially since spring is just a few days away.

I tweeted a few pics earlier today of some flowers that I checked out during my outing at the garden center. (And today, by the way, was a delightful, full-sun, and mid-60 degree day. Yay! The first of the year.) For those who don’t twit-twat-tweet, here are a few shots I took throughout the day. It was a busy day and I am pooped. I did my garden shopping. I planted. I cleaned the balcony up. I cleaned the entire apartment, top-to-bottom, and then I scoured the inside and (the worst part) the outside of the windows. Of course, now it will probably rain in 24 or 48 hours, but I like my windows sparkling and they were looking rather grimy. Not anymore!

Before the Replanting - Savannah Page

Since it’s now black outside I’ll take after-shots of the balcony and be sure to share them soon. The flowers look so, so pretty. I know, I’m a little obsessed with taking photos of my garden and talking about it, but flowers really make me happy. Now let’s just hope they don’t die. Maybe the luck ‘o the Irish will be on my side? Come on, St. Patty…leprechaun…give me a bit of luck.

Pretty Flowers - Savannah Page
Greenery - Savannah Page
Herbs for the Garden - Savannah Page
The New Flowers - Savannah Page

I’m going to toodle off now. It’s probably “Brot” (breads) for dinner tonight. I had a tasty Doener and fresh strawberries for lunch (as you can see from one of my tweeted pics). And I’m betting my husband had a tasty burrito for lunch. So a nice light “Brot” dinner sounds like a plan. And maybe a film. We have Brautalarm (Bridesmaids I think it is in the U.S.?) from our “Netflix” (Lovefilm) queue so we just might watch that.

Yummy Lunch - Savannah Page

Oh, and before I go…in a little celebration of St. Patty’s day and since my book might be leaving Amazon’s Kindle Select program soon (the exclusivity program where I can promote for free now and then), and since I’ll probably be branching back out to Barnes and Noble’s NOOK—maybe even Smashwords—I’m going to put Bumped up for free tomorrow on Amazon. If you have any friends or fam who might like a nice free read there ya have it. :) Enjoy and thanks again for your support, your reading, and your lovely comments and reviews!

Have a great Friday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Reading!