A Glowing Review from a British Berliner

Hey There! Just have to share with you. I’m positively tickled by THIS glowing review of Bumped to Berlin. Check out the review and this fun blog.

The reviewer, Rose, is a British expat living in Berlin in one of my favorite districts. She recently started up a blog, A Modern Rose, where she shares some of her favorite eats and reads, and fun and random tidbits about life in Berlin as an expat. The blog is frequently updated with tasty and easy-to-try-out recipes, as well as recent books she’s enjoyed, with short ’n sweet reviews. And every now and then she adds an infusion of bumps and delights that an expat finds in every day life over here. This Brit-turned-Berliner Blogger loves cooking and reading and shares these loves with the blogging world. A real, pleasant treat.

I found her blog via Twitter when she kindly tweeted that she had picked up my ebook and was enjoying it, laughing along the way, in fact, as she could relate to a lot of the bumps that come with being an expat in Berlin. And even her mum found it entertaining and relatable. I just love hearing how my words can resonate with readers.

One tweet later and I found myself subscribing to her blog. And I’ve tried out one of her recipes, THESE Ginger Biscuits. Mmmm. And the husband loves them, too. I was elated when I found golden syrup in Edeka per her recommendation.

It is still oh-so-tough to find all of the ingredients an English speaking women needs when she wants to bake something “her way” in Germany. I’m still on the hunt for real brown sugar. Okay, “American” brown sugar. You know the C&H kind? Hawaiian kind? I guess unrefined or just unbleached? Whatever it is—whatever process it goes through to become what it is—I can’t find it here and that makes for a few impossibilities in the German Kueche.

1) American Chocolate Chip Cookies are impossible to whip up without brown sugar. And I would really love to share these with my in-laws.

2) Real porridge sweetener. Just a subtle hint of brown sugar in lieu of regular caster or fine white sugar is preferable. But I can live.

3) I have a ton of American and British produced cookbooks that often require brown sugar. It’s a real bummer that I can’t find this truly amazing, squishy, and delightful form of sugar over here.

But…if I had a choice between endless amounts of brown sugar or a delectable veggie Doener…well…I don’t need to say more.

I also took up Rose’s blogged recommendation (HERE) to read Julia Child’s My Life in France. Her review sold me. As a fellow lover of Julia and that delightful film, Julie and Julia, I am pretty certain I will love this read. And I adore pretty much all expat novels and books. This sucker is already in my Kindle shopping cart and will be read soon.

I’d like to send out a little thank you to this British Berliner Blogger and fan of Bumped. I really appreciate the time that my readers take to read my work, and then review it and share their thoughts on it. I’m flattered.

A Modern Rose Blog Featuring Savannah Page's Bumped to Berlin Book

Well spring is around the corner and while I’m not yet racing to get new balcony plants (that’ll be next Friday), I am shedding the layers of clothing. I’m sort of beckoning the fresh season I guess. I opted for about 1.5 layers today, but got a bit chilly, so put on 2. A light cardigan and a blazer. Not quite ready to go cardigan-only yet. But at least I’m not donning 3 or even 4 layers anymore! We’re pushing 50 degree temps so I think spring is going to peer its sweet little head around the corner soon. And I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend and enjoy a good recipe, a good book, a good film, or whatever floats your boat.

Happy Reading!