Off to the Deutsches Historisches Museum!

Hey There! Boy the weeks are flying by! I can’t believe February’s approaching the mid-mark already. But at least, finally, it’s winter time in Berlin. I’m not a huge winter fan, but since the bitter cold presents the fun opportunity to sport furry boots, fashionable ponchos, and Audrey-esque coats, not to mention a plethora of chunky and fun scarves, why not embrace the cold? Last week (I think it was last week), Berlin saw it’s first snow fall of the year and of the winter season where the snow actually stuck. And it’s still stuck! It’s so pretty. I’ve included two little photos here that I tweeted earlier in the week. It’s not much snow, but it sure is pretty, especially when it’s falling!

And that brings me to my topic of discussion on the Blog today… the ‘ol Tweeter! Even though I run on the side a social media marketing and blogging company for wedding businesses, I’m not a tweeting kind ‘a girl. Facebook and blogging are time-consuming enough, you know? But I decided to heed the advice of fellow indie authors, and some readers, and hop the bird’s band wagon.

I figured I’d approach the whole Twitter thing with an easy-going attitude. Just share a few random pics of Berlin now and then…or random things I find entertaining. Perfect anecdotes that relate to my book, for instance. Figured I’d tweet now and then something that I’m up to that I think someone out there might find at least mildly cool or interesting or even entertaining. I guess I decided to join the tweeting community with the same approach that…almost everyone has. Haha

Anyway, it’s just a fun little outlet where I’ll share the classic Twitter short-liners and photos.

If you want to follow me my account is: Savannah_Page

I’ve been told it’s a good platform for when I get to that point in my writing career when I have cool stuff to giveaway to readers for free. Contests and such. And it’s just neat to connect with people all over the world, even though I think Facebook wins the award for that one.

I mention my Twitter account today because I’m thinking it might be fun to share a few photos or quips throughout the day as I’m venturing out into the bitter cold and little tufts of snow to visit the Deutsches Historisches Museum. I have a free museum pass for DHM so I’m going to stretch my legs a bit, relax my mind,and enjoy strolling through the annals of German history. It’ll be a nice little break from the computer screen, too!

Like almost everyone on this planet, I spend the majority of my life in front of the computer screen. Work is 100% in front of the screen, but today I’ll make it 99 or 98%. Take some time to spend in the Berlin community and get out there. And hey, maybe I’ll even run into Angelina Jolie in the touristy parts of Berlin, where I’ll be, today. She’s in town for the Berlinale Film Festival. Goodness knows. (Although I’d much rather run into her better half. Wink-Wink.)

Anyhoo, I’m off to grab some lunch now (maybe a Falafel or something quick and easy, but super tasty and au-naturel around town). Then it’s off to the museum and, if you’re on Twitter, then you can share in the experience with me via my little tweets and photos!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Happy Reading!