Paperback Cover Sneak Peek!

Hey There! I’ve just realized it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I owe all of the credit for this discovery to that sneaky, distracting, little iPhone game, The Sims. They have a fun little Free Play game and earlier today, while I was making Sally plant lettuce and Billy dance to Indie tunes, a popup er, uh…popped up, offering me the chance to “deck my Sims out in their team’s colors.”

I sat there, a little dumbfounded for a moment, until it suddenly clicked. “Super Bowl Sunday.” So happy Super Bowl Sunday, American folks! By the way, who is even playing? (Yes, I live in a bubble. But it’s a really comfy bubble.)

This “aren’t you a real American?” oopsie can slip and pass for me as I’m thousands of miles from American football land, but would I be remiss in getting into the spirit if I were back in the States? Actually, no. Why?

For the love of the sport? Seriously, you must be joking.

For the commercials, you might assume? Surprisingly, no. (You can always YouTube them all the next day and save three hours of your life.)

So why would I actually be aware that the Super Bowl was going on if I were in the States, and why would I partake in the footie-footie-football festivities? Two words: Chips and Salsa. Any reason to gather with friends and eat chips and salsa is the perfect reason.

The last Super Bowl I watched was a couple of years ago right before we made our move to Berlin and I distinctly remember two things. It was not who had made the winning touchdown or punt or hike or whichever point-maker. And it was not a particular television spot. (Actually, I fail to remember any of them…must have been a so-so year.) The two things I remember are the company of close friends, and chips and salsa. And lacking those two invaluable “things” make me wish the Super Bowl was an event on our to-do list today.

But, it’s now evening this side of the Atlantic and that most likely means reruns of The Office or Frasier, and a delivered pizza with the hubs on the sofa. Nicht schlecht. Nicht schlecht. I will take that any day, as well!

Before I trot off in the direction of the living room I wanted to share this super cool sneak peek of what’s next for the life of Bumped to Berlin.

Not only has my ebook been selling quite well day-to-day (thank you readers!!) and not only has it been the #1 book (of all “normal” books and ebooks combined) almost consistently for nearly two weeks in both the German Travel and European Travel categories, surpassing the travel guru Rick Steves’ Germany book, but it is in the process of going to print! <Screeching with excitement!>

I sent off for my first paperback proof to edit and it will be arriving via snail mail to our cozy apartment in Berlin in just a few weeks! Once I proof that and give it any changes it might need, I can say “Okay to print!” And then the paperback of Bumped to Berlin will officially be for sale on various Amazon websites! Pretty, cool, eh?

And to make it even cooler, here is the sneak peek preview of what the full front and back cover will look like! Big thanks to my husband for turning my vision into reality. I love it!

Hope you like it and feel free to send your comments by way of Facebook or Email.

Happy Reading!