Twitter Tour Wrap Up & Writing Week

Hey There! Friday I decided to take an afternoon stroll through the second half of German history, and I invited you to come along! Via Twitter!

It was fun and a different way to experience a museum—tweeting about different exhibits or facts or photos or finds as I meandered the halls. Normally I’d probably be rather enthralled in the items and information on display (because I’m a bit of a nerd that way…), and much too distracted to stop to tweet, but I’ve frequented the Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum) many times before and actually wield a mighty annual membership card. Touring it on Friday afternoon with frequent pauses to snap photos and send out a tweet was a nice change of pace. Especially since the second half of history that’s covered in the museum (the second wing), which is where I went on Friday, covers from the effects of the U.S. crash of ’29 onward and there’s a lot of heavy history in those years for Germany. Basically it was nice to take a momentary break now and then from the tough stuff and send out a little tweet.

For those who didn’t catch the tweets, I thought I’d share some of the pics and snippets of info here on the Blog for ya. Very random tweets, but hey, isn’t that what that little blue bird is all about?

I had a fun time at the museum and got some fun reception from my little tour (thanks Twitter followers!). I think I just might do it again some time. Where to next? Hmmmm. I’ll have to think about that.

Before I venture down Unter den Linden or the largest chocolatier in Europe (yup, that’s right here in Berrrlin!) and detail those adventures for you, I’m going on a vaca! A fun-in-the-sun vaca? Nope. A trek-through-the-mountains vaca? Clueless “as if!” exasperation must be made here. Nope. I’m taking a writing vaca. That sounds like a vacation from writing, hah? Well it’s a vaca from everything that’s not writing. Okay not everything…. It’s just me setting aside routine work duties for the week and focusing on writing. Nothing but hammering at the keys and writing, writing, writing away. I’m super excited!

I have two day jobs. One is running off to creative writing land and, well, writing. I’m so happy and fortunate that I get to be an indie author who actually gets to say that her day job is “authoring.” My other day job is a part time gig that actually involves more writing. I freelance blog for wedding vendors in the U.S. It’s super fun. And what girl doesn’t love surrounding herself around pretty flowers, ruffly dresses, and romance on a routine basis? As much as I love that day job and as much as I would love to take an actual vacation and sprawl out on a beach with 95 SPF, this vaca coming up next week is a vaca to the writing world.

So all next week I’ll be signing off of Twitter, Facebook, this Blog, and all work things that aren’t novel-writing related, all in an effort to get my second novel finished!

I’m surprised at how far the work has come so far—having just started writing my second to-be-published novel two short weeks ago. It's pretty conceivable that a rough draft could be complete by the end of my writing week. If not by then, then I anticipate by the end of the following week. Oh I’m excited just thinking about it!

Well I better sign off and enjoy the rest of my Sunday at home with my husband. Thanks again to all who took the Twitter tour through the museum with me, and to all who are reading this Blog post. I love my readers!

Have a fabulous Sunday yourselves and for those who celebrate St. Valentine’s Day (I’m just not one of them), have a happy XOXO kinda day. (Shouldn’t every day be an XOXO kinda day?)

Happy Reading!