Coffee in a House, with a Mouse...Or in Space!

Hey There! So I don’t really find space to be all that appealing. Okay, reword that. Outer space is not somewhere I want to visit. Not in this life and not in the next. Never. It scares me. But, on the flip side, it fascinates me. Space is appealing so long as I’m grounded on Earth. NASA launching my butt into space is just not so cool. It actually makes me a little sick just thinking about it. My stomach’s kinda twisting in the way it did when I read this weekend in Stephen King’s On Writing about how he had to (multiple times) have his eardrum punctured and drained and how painful it was. Okay, now I’m really feeling queasy. Time to quash this whole topic now.

Basically space is super cool when I think about it from our mother planet. And, in terms of Star Wars because that whole saga just rocks in incredible ways. (George Lucas, you’re amazing; and when you invented C-3PO you must have had me in mind.)

Why am I talking about space? Because I’m going to be trying my hand at writing an exciting space saga for a new generation of Star Wars-like fans? Well, my husband thinks it’s a good idea, but I’ll leave that idea right in the idea box. Not going to try to write Wookie-like creatures or Planet Hoth-like scenes any time soon. I’ll watch them and play them, Lego-style, on Playstation.

I’m talking about space randomly because I came across this video on Twitter not long ago. The news and video are a little dated, but it’s all news to me, and I thought it was definitely cool enough to share on my Blog. And, because I love coffee. (If you’ve read Bumped to Berlin I don’t have to reiterate this point.)

I’d like to give a shout out to the Twitter-er (Tweeter-er? Twatter-er? I never know) responsible for drawing my attention to this pretty kick ass video. Steve Umstead, a Sci-Fi / Adventure author, shared THIS LINK on Twitter and I followed it to THIS VIDEO. There’s a whole bunch of physics-ish stuff and probably a lot of common sense stuff in the video and behind the whole Zero-G coffee cup that don’t interest me. (Probably should have taken physics in high school…. Oh well, too busy writing.) I love the concept still. The fact that someone did this and filmed it and shared it, and obviously shares my affinity for coffee (who doesn’t, seriously?) is just super cool.

So, to all you coffee-lovers out there, and in outer space, too: Cheers!

I’m going to brew myself a hot cup ‘o jo right now and get back to work. A busy day ahead of me!

Happy Reading!