Paperback Version Coming Soon & E-Book Version News

Hey There! I’ve got some fun news for ya! (Lots of fun news lately, huh?) This morning I submitted the final draft of Bumped to Berlin for print. That’s right. In a few short days Bumped will be available in paperback!! I know I sang this song before, but it’s all submitted and out of my hands now. Once my new draft has been reviewed and “okayed” then I’ll click “make for sale” and you can find the little beauty, if you wish to have a physical copy, at

And, seeing how I found some hiccups with grammar and random editing flaws during my physical edit / scan, I updated the ebook version of Bumped, too. So now the ebook should match, word-for-word, the paperback—a bit error-less.

To celebrate the release of the paperback I’ll be doing some fun promos soon, and the first fun promo will be tomorrow— 22 February, Wednesday. For one day only you can snag a digital copy of Bumped to Berlin for FREE. The ebook will be free all day long tomorrow on and other Amazon platforms (UK, DE, etc.). If you’ve already gotten yourself the ebook, obviously this isn’t very thrilling for you, but I bet your friends wouldn’t mind a freebie. Feel free to spread the word that my book will be free for their taking if they wish. And I thank you a million times over in advance. :)

Well that was the big chunk of news I wanted to share. When the paperback is actually live I’ll report on that, but until then I’ll be plugging away at editing my next book.

I have a deadline of figuring out a title for it by Friday and I’m really tossing and turning at night on this one. Honestly. I am hoping that once I really delve into the editing it’ll come to me. I want something rather short (3-5 words would be ideal). I could do 7-ish…. I guess I just need to keep plugging away at it and hope that the muse will shout out, “THIS IS IT!”

Hmmph, well, off I’ll go now. I’ve just finished a tasty and super late lunch of sushi. Yummers! I decided that staying in the office and working hard, and staying out of the snow that really fell hard, but has since stopped, was a wise idea. And since I didn’t want to bother preparing anything for lunch or stare into the fridge hoping that something would pop out and say “eat me!” I opted for take-out sushi. It was delicious. I’ll be ordering from them again. However, now my office smells like salmon and soy sauce with a hint of wasabi. Oh well…it sure tasted good.

Happy Reading!