The Paperback Has Arrived!

Hey There! It’s here!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!!!

Yup, the *paperback* version of Bumped to Berlin is officially complete—proofed, printed, and up for sale! When the proof came in the mail it was very surreal to actually hold in my hands my first published book. To fan the pages and see words, words, words…my words. Actually in print and in <gasp> book form. After I red-inked it up with some edits (once the euphoria carefully subsided), I submitted my proof changes and eagerly awaited the next proof.

And finally it’s here! If you loved the ebook so much and just have to have a physical copy, or if you’re an old school girl or guy (and I totally get that) and have been waiting for an actual paperback, then you can find in a jiff on Finally here.

Bumped to Berlin in paperback can be found on for $14.95. Unless you’re a Prime member where you get free or super fast shipping or whatever all that jazz is, standard book shipping is $3.99 But if you spend $25 or more on then you automatically get free shipping so you can forget about that whole $3.99 extra charge. I’m a stickler for making sure I score free shipping on everything I can, so I wanted to pass the word on to you, too.

The book is also available from, which is my printer, in case you prefer buying paperbacks that way. Wanted to throw that out there….

Whew. Still hard to believe it’s actually out there! The book was a real labor of love and I’m so happy to have that first book up on the shelves—the digital one and the physical one.

What does that mean now? Now that book number one has been made available in ebook form and paperback? Book two, naturally.

It’s written—my next novel (a traditional “novel” as in it’s fiction, as opposed to my non-traditional nonfiction novel, Bumped to Berlin). The rough draft is done. I wrote that sucker in about 2 weeks (with a month and a half, roughly, to outline it) and I’m still floored at that progress. Now it’s time for me to finish my own round (2nd time) of self-editing. And it’s already in the hands of my beta readers (thanks girls!). In about a month it’ll be re-edited again, by little ‘ol me, and then it’s going off to a professional editor. So, the next month will be pretty busy. So neat to see this next book come to fruition!

I’ll share more details about the next book later. Today’s post is to shout out a little celebration for the paperback version of Bumped. It’s crazy cool and I hope you enjoy it!

Happy (and thanks for) Reading!