A Great Review on Goodreads.com

Hey There! The last blog post that I shared was about Goodreads.com and how fantastically fun that site is. If you missed that post or want the scoop on Goodreads, CLICK HERE.

That leads me to today’s post…. Recently I received my very first review on Goodreads and I am so elated! With 4 out of 5 stars and nothing but encouraging and positive words to say about my breakthrough novel, I just had to share the news with you here. 

The reviewer is a friend and ex-co-worker of mine who is a travel bug herself. Alright, she makes me look like a sitting duck in a big ‘ol pond that I have barely waded through as her country count is insane! She’s an inspiring woman, though. Let me tell you she’s had a heart for traveling and learning about and embracing other cultures for a long time, regardless of how far the culture may be from middle-America Oklahoma. So when she Facebook messaged me saying she’d be picking up my book to read during her long flight to Ghana (like I said, world traveler), I was ecstatic. The travelogue genre for this girl is a must!

And the review she left just warms my heart so I want to share it. I may pester her to repost her review on Amazon so a greater audience can read it, although if she’s read this blog post perhaps the pestering has already been done. <Wink.> But I’ll share it with you now any how. Of course…I could just lure all of you over to Goodreads.com to read it…thereby forcing you all somehow to check out this awesome site…but I’m too excited. I just have to dish!

Thanks so much, Lesley, for reading my book and for rating it on this fantastic site! I appreciate it more than words can express (yikes, and I’m a writer!).

And to all of those who have left reviews and / or star ratings on Amazon, thank you so much. You’re helping me reach my dream of becoming a full-time author. I’ll dish a bit more about other flattering reviews and reiterate my sincere appreciation with a blog post soon. Until then have a great day and…as always…

Happy Reading!