New Website!

It's here! At last! No...not my next book (I know, I know...e-ven-tually), but my new and improved and pretty-as-a-penny (if I do say so myself) website!!

As with everything in my writing world, so it seems, this was a project that was in the works for a very long time and has taken much longer than expected to release. There was a small learning curve switching platforms and there are still a couple of sparkles I'm working on adding, but here it is, my dear readers! At long last, my new author website and blog is here!

Please have a look around and visit me tomorrow as I've got a handful of fun and very exciting newsie things to share with you. But for today, a website unveil and relaunch seems sufficient, wouldn't you say? Besides, my new puppy (all right...he's 10 months old now, but still technically a puppy) is in need of his afternoon constitutional. And, since I'm working on a new women's fiction and needing inspiration, I think I could also benefit from one. Here's Hurley, by the way, my very first puppy. He's a Goldendoodle (1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 small Poodle, and 100% adorable and crazy and fun). My husband and I are quite smitten with the little trouble-maker.

Hurley - Savannah Page.JPG

Talk to you tomorrow!

Happy Reading,