Kindle Countdown 99c Deal

Happy Friday!

As promised, I have some fun news to share today. A Sister's Place is just 99cents on and! The ebook deal is for a limited time so be sure to snatch up your copy if you haven't already.

And if you enjoy the tale of Gracie and Juliette (and Mimi, because who doesn't just love Mimi, right?), please consider leaving a review. I love hearing from my readers!

A Sister's Place has also been selected as BookBub's Women's Fiction Featured Deal today. If you haven't checked out BookBub and their all-around awesomeness yet, definitely do so! I can't tell you how many great bargain books I've scooped thanks to them. 

Short but sweet, but it's Friday night and that means there just may be a pizza with my name on it!

Happy Reading,