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It’s that time again! For the festive holiday season? Absolutely! And for another When Girlfriends… novel? That’s right!

I know it’s been ages since I published the last book, but this one, Jackie’s book, is the longest piece I’ve ever written, and, if you know Jackie, she’s not the easiest character to keep track of. She’s really had a mind of her own with this book---surprising me left and right---so it’s been a major challenge, but I’m nearly ready to share her story with you! The editor’s returned the manuscript and guess what? He said it just might be his favorite yet! Yippee!! So I'm hard at work polishing and prepping it for you. I do hope you enjoy it once you get to read it. And when will that be? The plan is to release When Girlfriends Let Gobefore Christmas. I don't have a solid date yet, but definitely within 2 weeks!

:Giving Back:

During this special time of year, especially coming off of Thanksgiving, I’m reminded, no matter how busy, to slow down, step back a second from writing, and look around at the wonderful people and events in my life, and show my gratitude and give back.

Each Christmas I pick a charity to give a bit back to, and this year I’ve chosen Rick Steves’s Christmas Fundraiser with BREAD FOR THE WORLD. I’m a huge fan of Rick Steves and not only is he a fab travel guru and writer, but he’s done some really great philanthropic things with his success, one of them being his partnership with Bread for the World. I love that he’s matching donations—that’s always a win-win when I’m scoping out fundraisers. You can find out more about Bread fro the World, Rick Steves’s involvement, and how you an help RIGHT HERE.

:Giving Thanks:

I’d also like to take a minute to share how grateful I am for so many dear people in my life, and that includes each and every one of my readers, my fans. You encourage me to do what I love with each tweet, Like, comment, email, review, book purchase, recommendation, and, ultimately, with your willingness to give a no-name author a chance. You encourage me to write the very best books I can for you every time you sit down, turn on your ereader, and slip into my fictitious little world. So what I’m saying is thank you, and I’d like to say it in two ways. First, thank you for being such a special and fun part of my life. You rock! 2013 has been a fabulous writing year!

Second, as a thank you and in the spirit of giving back, I'm going to GIFT 3 FREE pre-release ebook copies of my new release, When Girlfriends Let Go. It’s super simple to enter via Rafflecopter here. No “tweet” or “like my page” or anything like that. This is my thank you to you.

So what’s When Girlfriends Let Go about, anyway?  The cover is in the making right now (so excited to share!!), but the blurb is ready!

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Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!