Time to Go Prime: Amazon's Kindle Select

Hey There! It’s Friday and that’s always been my most favorite day of the week. When I was a kid that meant a Blockbuster video and Pizza Hut pizza. Oh and the days of getting a free personal pan pizza for reading so many books at school were delightful! I read like a whiz because, well, I love reading, and let’s face it…a personal pepperoni pizza for an eight year old is sheer heaven!

While Friday isn’t strict pizza night anymore, it’s still equally exciting. It means the weekend is coming! And, well, that can most likely mean a bit of pizza on Saturday or Sunday, but homemade. And the weekend means a movie!

We have Lovefilm, which is Germany’s answer to Netflix, and we have a Will Ferrell flick, Anchorman, ready to watch. I remember seeing it a long time ago and not fancying it much, but since Christmas when we watched Elf a million times over I told my husband that we needed some more Will Ferrell hilarity in our life. So I’ll give Anchorman another try. I don’t remember anything about it and my husband hasn’t seen it, so this weekend’s flick time could be awesome or a total bust. The relaxed down time that usually comes with the weekend will be worthwhile any how.

So a bit of news for everyone today. I have temporarily taken Bumped to Berlin off of the Barnes and Noble digital bookshelf. Why? I’ve decided to enroll my novel in Amazon's Kindle Select program which means a few things…

1) I have to make my digital book exclusive to Amazon for at least 90 days.

2) My book will be a part of the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library which is a collection of books that Amazon Prime members (that $70 a year membership thing; free trial for a month I think) who wield a fancy schmancy Kindle can borrow. Prime members can choose to borrow one book for free a month, and with no due dates. Pretty cool.

3) Occasionally my book can be promoted for free—for Amazon and Amazon Prime members alike. I’m not sure if or when I’ll do this, but we’ll see. It could bolster “sales” which would mean great face time, higher rankings, and hopefully a few new committed readers. And reviews!

4) The book will still be for sale for everyone at the same bargain price of $2.99, unless you’re a Prime member and choose to borrow the book for free.

That’s the news. And now since I committed to less than 500 words for this blog post, that promise I shall stick to!

Have a great weekend everyone, and…

Happy Reading!