I’ve Got a Secret…. Alright, It’s More of an Announcement Really

Hey there! It has arrived! Savannah Page, indie author, (that’s me) has an official Website and Blog. I’m super excited to unveil this little beauty. And not just because I love the design and layout (sending a nod of A+ approval to my creative husband). And not just because I am in L-O-V-E with my premier novel’s cover (again, serious nod of approval to the spouse). But because that means I’m just about ready to launch the e-publication of Bumped to Berlin! <Insert screech of delight.>

Throughout this year I’ve been hard at work on my premier novel (Bumped to Berlin), and have been eager to self-publish it. Ever since my Kindle landed in my lap and indie writers were given the stage, I’ve had sugar plumb dreams (I’m in the Christmas spirit) of getting my work out there and just letting it fly! (I really hope it flies high and readers enjoy my words.)

Currently, I’m working on all of the fine-tuning bells, whistles, and random kinks necessary to actually getting this baby up and for sale on e-reading platforms. The novel has been written. It has been read. Edited. Re-read. Re-edited. Double-checked for this. For that. I finally decided enough is enough and it’s time to get this sucker out there. The novel is finally finished!

My goal is to have the electronic version of the novel for sale on Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook before Christmas! I’m a pretty obsessive planner so this estimated “date” should be spot on. So long as I don’t come across too many electronic hiccups. And I’m working out the details for having a paperback version available for sale on Amazon, too. I don’t have an estimated release date for that yet, but I’ll be sure to let everyone know here on my Blog.

That brings me to my next topic and reason for enthusiasm: my Blog. The official “Savannah Page Blog” is where I’ll be sharing all sorts of creative writing tidbits and random musings. It’s basically going to be my online home for all-things writing. Sort of a “From the Desk of….” concept. Obviously it will contain the occasional update about Bumped to Berlin and future published works, but it’s also going to feature various creative writing pieces, e-book, e-pub, and self-pub commentary, and random musings and reviews (conceivably from all sorts of things from coffee beans to recent reads).

The Blog is also a fun way for the readers and the writer to connect, and for all of us to do more of what we love. The writer wants to write. The readers want to read. Enter BLOG. And of course if the reader wants to write I enthusiastically encourage comments (working on enabling those ;0 ), or you can email me, or even hop on over to my Facebook Page. (Rule of thumb: let’s all be kind to one another.)

I really hope you enjoy my new Website and Blog, and I certainly hope you’ll come back for more. (And for Bumped to Berlin, when that makes an appearance.) If you want to be notified of any new Blog posts be sure Subscribe to the RSS feed. Or if you’re more of a Facebook kind of a guy or girl, you can check out my Facebook Page: Savannah Page.

Well this introductory post is long enough already. Time to get back to work on working out the tidbits of electronically publishing Bumped to Berlin!

Happy Reading!