Bumped to Berlin, the E-Book, is Alive!!

Hey there! Welcome to my official author Website and Blog. I am so excited to actually announce that my very first book is actually e-published! WOOHOO!!! Thanks to the beautiful world of self- and e-publishing my premier novel is LIVE…it’s on those electronic bookshelves…it’s ready for download on e-readers all over the e-reading globe…and if luck has it it’s even on some e-readers already!

My first e-published novel, Bumped to Berlin, is my own personal account of living the life of an American expat abroad in Germany’s capital of Berlin. A few factors played into the creation and e-publication of this novel.


First, for as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be an author. As soon as I could pick up a pencil and write at least moderately coherent phrases I spent my pencil-to-paper time writing letters, songs, poems, short stories, novels…you name it. Writing has forever been my passion.

Then being bumped to Berlin with my German husband in 2010, uprooting my American life and settling in a big new world, got me to thinking. There could be a fun expat story in this. And there was! My little notepad of observations and creative anecdotes was filling up fast. Life in Berlin was definitely turning out to be a fun adventure.

And finally, “Happy Birthday, Savannah…here’s a Kindle!” If I’m not writing for hours on end, I’m reading. The Kindle quickly became my best friend (next to my trusty MacBook). The world of e-books, and subsequently self- and e-publishing, opened a very big window of opportunity for lifelong aspiring writers. It meant that I could join the thousands of fabulous, yet undiscovered indie writers out there who simply want to share their written word with anyone who’s willing to read. Bumped to Berlin just had to be written…and self-published!


I hope you enjoy reading Bumped to Berlin. I’ve poured into this work a great deal of passion, care, thought, and time; not to mention self-exposing tidbits of my personal everyday life. I’ve written this sort of comical and travel narrative not just for reasons of posterity. But as a way to share how strange, foreign, and even entertaining cultural conflicts can occur in the most simple of situations for an expat whose American culture is not that different (at least seemingly so) from the German or European cultures.

As an avid reader of all types of non-fiction pieces that share an author’s move to the fabulous city of Paris or a quaint village in Italy, I wanted to contribute to the fun and refreshing (and always entertaining) genre of expat literature. I hope my book can proudly sit on the bookshelf alongside (or at least in the vicinity of) the scads of fascinating expat narratives that are already out there!

Bumped to Berlin is written in a lightly comical tone with a bittersweet attitude (although I’ll defend more sweet than bitter) towards Germany, Berlin, and the German people (or who I often lovingly refer to as, the Krauts). It’s my personal account of looking at the German lifestyle through American eyes. It’s the story of my ups and downs with the German language, the German people, their culture, and trying to make a life in a foreign city. It’s my story of, well…being bumped to Berlin and trying to become a Berliner!


If you’ve already started reading Bumped to Berlin, or if you have already devoured it and are ready for what’s next (oh how delightful you are!), then please don’t forget to rate and review it. Indie writers (especially) live for your ratings, reviews, and recommendations. Passing the word along about how scintillating my book was, and giving it fabulous ratings and reviews online will help with the success of Bumped to Berlin (not to mention my author reputation and ability to self-publish more books in the future).

For those who are ready to dive in and read Bumped to Berlin you can download a FREE sample of the novel to test it out before you undoubtedly will want to click “Buy.” Bumped to Berlin is currently available as a digital / e-book on Amazon.com for the super affordable price of $2.99. It's also available on Amazon.deAmazon.co.ukAmazon.frAmazon.it, and Amazon.es! And It’ll soon be making its way on BarnesandNobel.com for reading on the NOOK!


Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and for taking an interest in my work. (And for reading this very long “novel reveal” Blog post.) I’ll be back periodically here on the Blog to share various tidbits of news pertaining to Bumped to Berlin and to my future work, as well as a few creative writing pieces that I will conjure up here and there for your entertainment. If you want to be notified of any subsequent Blog posts you can subscribe to my Blog via the RSS feed.

Happy Reading!