A Brand New Look + GIVEAWAY!!!

Over the summer I went to work on a project that I was a tad anxious over yet also very excited about. I'd decided that after 5 years since the release of the very first installment of the When Girlfriends series (When Girlfriends Break Hearts), it was time to give my series covers a makeover! I'd hemmed and hawed since saying hello to new covers felt like saying goodbye to a part of the series, a character even. But, in the end, getting my books into as many hands as possible is my goal as a writer who just wants to share her work. The more readers who can bury themselves in my stories, connect with a character, see themselves in a protagonist, say, "Yes! I've so been there!", the better. I write the books I want to read. And I want to share that passion and joy I so love with fellow readers who are also itching to fall in love with a story, with a character, with a world. Perhaps, in an effort to reach more readers and a wider crowd of women's fiction and chick lit fans, it was finally time to sit my covers down in the styling chair and get to a makeover!

For my new design I wanted something cohesive, feminine, fresh, and mature. Something that both said this is still the WG series you may know and this is a modern women's fiction/chick lit collection you should most definitely be reading! ;) I wanted to go with realistic images--photographs--and perhaps ones very much like the ones I already had. (Sweets for book one, baby something for book two, etc.) That meant I would need stock images...professional photographs...a whole new family of fonts because, well, fonts are fun so when you can use new ones, why not?...a flowing color scheme that's feminine and both ties all the books together while allows each to be set apart as their own book.... Ultimately, it meant finding a cover designer who could magically take the idea from my brain and poof it into reality. Someone who could create one heck of a sleek design. I am pleased to announce, dear readers, that I did indeed find the woman with all the talent and then some to do exactly that! She went above and beyond and I am in L-O-V-E LOVE with my new covers!!! Here they are!

A new When Girlfriends Collection look.png

Michelle Fairbanks of Fresh.Designs has made my cover redesign dream a reality. Take a look at these gorg covers!! I mean...amazing, right?! From the color scheme, to the photos, the fonts and font-pairings, the series number on each cover.... I'm more in love with this project than I thought possible. So a HUGE thank you goes out to Michelle for taking on this project during such a busy time. Summer with the kids all at home full time? And she cranked out not just 8 covers and multiple mockups (and answered with speed and perfection all of my many,  many, many emails, that poor girl), but she nailed some swag (can you say awesome bookmarks?).

When GIrlfriends cover makeover 2 - Savannah Page.jpg

The When Girlfriends collection--all seven books as well as the digital 3-pack of the first three titles--are revamped inside and out, in terms of design only. (No, stories haven't changed. Jackie's just as crazy and Sophie's cupcakes are just as tasty as they ever were.) The ebooks and paperbacks have all been given cover and interior layout makeovers. I hope you enjoy their prettiness as much as I do!

When GIrlfriends cover makeover 3 - Savannah Page.jpg

In addition to trying to reach a wider reading market, there's also another reason I decided it was time the series got a makeover. But I won't yet open up that exciting can. Until then, I'm going to finish my packing since the hubs, pup, and I are going to jet off to Tuscany for some R&R soon. It's been a busy year and we're looking forward to sipping vino, watching the dog itch to chase the lizards, and perhaps I'll even get to cooking up a new plot for a new book! I mean, if being Under the Tuscan Sun isn't inspiration, what is?

But before I go, to celebrate these beautiful new covers the When Girlfriends Collection, Books 1-3 ebook is on sale for just 99cents. If you haven't yet met these fabulous Seattle-based girlfriends, now's the time!

When Girlfriends Collection Savannah Page 99c sale.png

And while my covers got a little design attention, so too did my "Savannah Page" brand, if you will. I just adore my new logo and branding, so I've got some swag to give away to some lucky readers. Pens, bookmarks, post-its, AND....

How about some NEWLY printed WG paperbacks? Just hit the GIVEAWAYS tab on my site here, up top, and enter via Rafflecopter for your chance to WIN!!!

When GIrlfriends cover makeover 1 - Savannah Page.jpg

Thank you for dropping by for another lengthy post. I love you, readers, and thank you for being fans of the girlfriends. I'd love to hear what you think of the new covers!

Happy Autumn and, as always, Happy Reading!

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