Cover Reveal: When Girlfriends Take Chances

Hey There! Did everyone have a fun Fourth of July? It’s not exactly celebrated here in Berlin, obviously, but the hubs and I did enjoy a yummy tapioca-like pudding with freshly cut strawberries for dessert. That kind of counts as a fun Fourth thing to do, doesn’t it?

I’ve got something fun to share today and I can actually say that I don’t think I’ve been more excited to share this kind of news. I’m still tweaking the book back summary so bear with me. That’ll come soon. But today! Today I’m revealing the cover of the next When Girlfriends… novel!! Here it is:

 I know I say it every time, but I think this one is my favorite so far. The colors are so pretty and work together so well, and it is SUCH an Emily Saunders cover. I think it says chick lit, too, don’t you?

The release of When Girlfriends Take Chances is not far off. I don’t want to promise a date yet because I’m still pretty deep in final edits and I’m not positive when I’ll be done. I’m changing some things around that I didn’t expect so hang tight.

In other exciting news, although some of you may think I’m silly: my pepper plant has finally sprouted! I’ve been trying to nurse this little plant (the only produce I’m growing this year) for a long time, and I was totally dismayed when I discovered a colony of aphids covering it last week. Some organic soap, mineral oil, and water spritzed about it, I eventually got rid of the aphids, but I feared I’d also done my plant in. Turns out the little thing’s a-chuggin’! It’s kind of tough to see, but I’ve got four—count four!—peppers growing! Mmmm.

I’ll be back very soon with a synopsis reveal and release date news. Also, I’m going to be touring with Chick Lit Plus with When Girlfriends Chase Dreams starting July 15th and I’ll be doing a really FUN giveaway. My tour page is HERE if you want to follow.

Oh, and one more thing! When Girlfriends Chase Dreamsis finally available on Barnes & Noble and NOOK, and it's on its way to iTunes.

Bumped to Berlin has also made its way to other ebook stores, including iTunes, and When Girlfriends Make Choices is next on the list (coming later this month).

If you want to easily find those books and what stores they're available in, I just included some nifty buttons that lead the way when you click on the books on the right here. Yes, I feel technologically inclined by doing something rather simple. :)

Happy Reading!