Book News

Hey There! Just popping in for a quick book update. I’m going to hop straight to a very exciting piece of book news and that is…

TaDa! The first three novels in the When Girlfriends collection are now available in a digital boxed set on Amazon! Readers can enjoy the stories of Sophie, Robin, and Lara all in one fell swoop, and at a discounted price (3 books for the price of 2)! If you’ve only read When Girlfriends Chase Dreams (the latest release, book 4) or if you know a chick-lit-loving friend who might enjoy meeting the girlfriends, then check out the 3-pack boxed set because it saves a bit of dough and saving is super awesome. :)

After some color trials and several proofs, When Girlfriends Chase Dreams is finally available in paperback via Amazon! I just love this cover so much. Here’s a look at the full paperback cover. Seriously tickled by the detail of this one.

Guess what else is new? Bumped to Berlin is FINALLY available outside of Amazon! The revised second edition is now on available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes! I’m also working on getting a couple of the When Girlfriends books into those stores, too, but that won’t be until the summer or autumn, possibly. I’ll keep you posted.

Bumped to Berlin - 2nd Edition - EBOOK

Well, I’m off to work on the sixth novel in my chick lit collection. I have to say Jackie’s story is a tough one to write! She’s my zany character so perhaps that’s why it’s a challenge to get her story down. However, Emily’s story (the next book in the collection that is set to be released this summer) was a real challenge to write, too, and I just got word from my betas that it’s my best book yet. Maybe when I think a book is really tough and I feel all hope is lost with the storyline, it’s really a sparkling one? Well, either way I’m off to work. Good thing the weather in Berlin is so dreadful—mid-50s and drizzle with ominous, dark clouds and horrid winds. This is definitely stay-indoors-and-write kind of weather.

I’ll be back soon with another “Port Post” about the inspiring Mediterranean cruise I took recently. Until then…

Happy Reading!