On Tour with Chick Lit Plus

Hey There! I hope everyone’s having a delightful spring so far. I’m in the midst of planning an exciting vacation (first cruise ever!) and I’m hard at work on When Girlfriends Take Chances, Emily’s story.

As it often happens, the characters have taken on stories and minds of their ownand I’m really loving how it’s coming along. It’s so much fun when even the writer can get surprised by loops and twists and turns. I hope you will like the book, too, when I have it ready for you this summer!

A couple updates… Last month I went on tour with Chick Lit Plus for When Girlfriends Step Up and I had a blast! I received some glowing reviews and found fun, new, chick-lit-loving blogs (and bloggers!). I also ran a successful promo of the novel with BookBub. It’s always super duper exciting to see via downloads, reviews, Facebook comments, etc that my stories are entertaining. I love my readers and thank you for reading!

If you don’t know about BookBub, head on over to their site. It’s a simple and convenient way to find books you crave, and for a bargain. The site allows you to target specific genre(s) of books that you’d like to be notified of via a daily email when there’s a freebie or sale going on. I’ve found loads of great recommendations for Women’s Fiction and have loaded up my Kindle for some cruise ship reading!

Last update before I get back to work on the novel-in-progress: I’m currently on tour, again!, with the lovely ladies over at Chick Lit Plus. I’m touring with When Girlfriends Make Choices and there’s a giveaway, too! You can find the tour page with all the blog stops throughout the month, and the giveaway details HERE. Be sure to enter to win the $20 Amazon gift card!

Have a great week and fabulous spring!

Happy Reading!