Real-Life Inspiration for Emily's Story

Hey There! The alarm clock is set to buzz a bit earlier than usual, the checklists are quite lengthy, the calendar is jam-packed. It’s a particularly busy time right now because so much is going on and some very exciting things are coming up!

I’m working on the final edits for the next When Girlfriends… novel, and things are looking very nice, I’m happy to report! I got some very helpful information from my editor over the weekend, as well as some really glowing things he had to say about the book, the characters, and the series as a whole. So right-on with that!

Also in regards to When Girlfriends Chase Dreams news, my husband finished the ebook cover and, ladies and gents, it looks FAB! I’m working on the synopsis right now and when that’s complete I’ll do a reveal. Very soon!! I think you’re going to love it… Put it this way, if you’re a big fan of wedding-themed books then you’ll love it!

It’s always a bit challenging working on two books at the same time, especially when they’re part of the same collection, so sometimes I think my brain’s going to burst, if not my goal calendar! But I really want to share my stories with you and I’ve got so many I just have to sit down, type them all out, and get those books going!

I’ve crossed the 20,000 word mark for the fifth book in the collection today, and soon it will be getting some very helpful, real-life inspiration. The fifth book is Emily’s book, and as you may know, she’s the world-traveling junkie. From Seattle to Singapore, this girl lives most of her life on the road. Needless to say, keeping her to sit still long enough for me to write her story, or trying to keep up with her intrepid ways is a challenge. Luckily, I’ll be jetting out for a lengthy vaca of my own soon, supplying me with a little R&R and tons of inspiration for Emily’s story! And when the desk looks like this...

Office - Savannah Page, author

and the patio looks like this...

Snow in Berlin - Savannah Page, author

that means two things: 1) Writing's going very well, and 2) It's time for a change of scenery and pace to refresh a bit.

I’m so excited I just have to share! The hubs and I are setting off on a two-week Mediterranean cruise, with an extra week of fun in the sun in Barcelona and Venice. I’m absolutely ecstatic about getting to revisit some favorite European cities like Rome, Pisa, and Barcelona, and getting to trek about new places like Athens, Istanbul, Mykonos, and Toulon, and getting to share them with my husband. It’s going to be awesome! Here’s a fun little map of the cities our ship will be journeying.

Mittelmeer Reise

In preparation for our first cruise I’ve been devouring Rick Steves’s guidebook, Mediterranean Cruise Ports. It’s an excellent read and provides tons of information that will definitely help save us time when in port. I’ve read that a lot of people disembark, stare at the pile of hot, white Grecian stones, and go, “Hmmm. Do we take a cab? Sign up for an excursion with the cruise? Where do we buy Acropolis tickets? Where is the Acropolis?” With Rick Steves, not only have I been entertained for years by his free podcasts (I’m evangelical about them; check them out here or on iTunes), but I’m becoming very informed about what to do when our ship drops us in port. We’re in great hands!

I’m really looking forward to taking some time to adventure about with my husband, and I know we’ll just have a blast exploring ancient sites, visiting rugged corners of lively cities, and feasting our through each of the five countries we’ll be visiting (and at the cruise’s 24-hour restaurant, naturally).

I’m also looking forward to getting to think about Emily and her own adventures as I cruise and wander. How would she have ended up on a beach in the south of France? What piece of art would grip her most in the Uffizi Gallery? What would she have focused her camera on when wandering about the Roman Forum? Where would she pick up a tasty souvlaki in Greece or a juicy kebab in Turkey? What would her first impressions of Naples be?

Oh, all this talk is making me so excited! I’m looking forward to journeying out of town for a bit and to I’m inspired right now to get back to work on Emily’s story. So, off I go!

Happy Reading!