A New Book Tomorrow!

Hey There! There’s so much going on right now so I’ll get right to it!

NEW RELEASE!! The third book in the When Girlfriends… collection is coming soon! The official release date is January 17th, tomorrow. (Although with upload times being unpredictable, it just might already be up on Amazon...) I am so excited about this release. It’s my favorite book so far, which is funny because I started off feeling very unsure about it. With a fantastic and detailed cover, a great group of girls to write about, and an intriguing plot, I send out When Girlfriends Make Choices and hope you enjoy it!

Also in the front page of the news today…in celebration of the release of When Girlfriends Make Choices the second book in the collection, When Girlfriends Step Up, will be a bargain price of 99 cents. It’ll only be on sale for a few days this week so if you haven’t read it yet, be sure to snag it up for cheap on Amazon!

And…When Girlfriends Break Hearts, the first book in the collection, will also be a bargain book. It’ll be FREE on Amazon from January 17th-19th.

More front page news is coming! Tomorrow and all the way through the 21st, author Libby Mercer will be hosting the Girly Book Blog Hop. The topic is Location, Location, Location, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be participating in the hop, chatting about my When Girlfriends… collection location: Seattle!

During the Hop there will be chances for you to win some free ebooks, gift cards, fun swag, and a big Grand Prize Package, not to mention it’s a great way for you to meet new authors and find new books. It’s going to be a blast so I hope you join in.

The Hop officially starts tomorrow, but you can find more details HERE.

I hope you enjoy my new book and enjoy the Blog Hop.

Will be back blogging tomorrow!

Until then…

Happy Reading!