The Workout in the Banana Republic Blue Jeans, Christmas Time, and Other Randomness

Hey There!

With the holiday season all around and because of the general delight it incites in a Christmas-crazed girl like myself, I’m in the mood for a fun blog post. (And since Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated over here in Germany it’s okay to have Christmas decor and its wondrous festivities and mood come mid-November. I can feel a bit Christmasy, right?) I thought I’d do a little non-novel writing right now. Don’t get me wrong. I love writing stories. Just thought I’d take an early pause from working on my current When Girlfriends… book for the day and do a bit o' blogging.

As far as my latest WIP goes (the 4th book in the series and my NaNoWriMo baby), I’m so happy to report that the manuscript currently stands at a hair above 70,000 words!! Not only does that mean that I’ve achieved NaNo winner-ness (because I had to surpass 50,000 words between Nov. 1-30), but it means that this book is ALMOST done! I can taste it. Oh it’s been so much fun to write. I can’t wait to release it. Of course, book number 3 has to come out first, and that’s in the beta reading phase right now. Oh, I can’t wait to release that one, too!!

So I’m planning on getting the Christmas decor out this weekend. The Weihnachtsmarkts are going up already around the city; some have even been up since Nov. 1st, but I think that’s much too early. Come the mid-part of November most all of the markets and Christmas-selling-shops are really getting into gear. (They all are definitely up in time for Advent.) I love this time of year, even in brrrr-freezing Germany (it was a whopping 28 degrees when I left the apt. this afternoon).

Weihnachtsmarkt Dresden, Savannah Page

Christmas Market in Dresden

But what makes the frigid winters bearable here (aside from the magic of Christmas that comes no matter where you’re located or what the weather has in store), are the German Christmas markets. They’re so much fun to go to, even if you’re not in the shopping mood.

There’s always some cinnamony-scented thing baking, or some spiced nuts roasting, and, of course, the mulled, red wine (Glühwein) is being passed out in droves. Also, I can’t forget the typical salty pretzels (even though that’s very Bavarian, but I’ll take it!). The Christmas markets really make the city of Berlin come alive and together, which, I have to admit, is a wonder when you consider that it will be far below freezing and dark at four o’clock as Christmas gets nearer.

Enjoying the Christmas Markets, Savannah Page

That's right! A Sahne-covered Waffle. Mmmm

Dresden During Christmas, Savannah Page

Dresden During Christmas Time

I still have some cleaning around the apartment to do before all of the tinsel and faux-snow and funny-looking Santa Clauses come out of hibernation. I really thought I could tackle the dusting and kitchen-cleaning today, but I decided to pop on over to the gym for a little work-out. I meant to go this morning but I wanted a latte…and then I wanted to watch an old episode of Home Improvement…and then, before I knew it, I was sitting in front of the computer and writing a fun When Girlfriends… scene with Sophie and Claire and there was no stopping me at that point. So, yeah…I decided I’d make an afternoon gym jaunt since it didn’t quite pan out this morning.

And, let me say, I thought I had everything packed in my gym bag. All of the usual crap a girl needs—towel, bottle of water, keys, cell phone, wallet, UBahn pass, gym pass, change of clothes, another towel, Kindle… You get the picture. Anyway, I arrived and was ready to knock it out on the elliptical. But, wait! Where were my workout pants? Yup. Totally left them on the bed. So I was left with two choices. I could either go back home and forget about hitting the gym today (returning with the pants wasn't going to happen for times' sake), and of course I would then only grow more miffed, having wasted a good half hour for absolutely nothing. Or, I could figure out how to work out in jeans.

I decided to give the stationary bike a whirl in the jeans because lots of people ride regular bikes in jeans. It couldn't be too bad. Let me say, thank God I chose my favorite pair of Banana Republic stretchy jeans to wear today. They’re no spandex, but I somehow managed a workout in them.

At first, I would have said that my gym-going experience for the day was going to look like an epic FAIL. Seriously. I looked through my pants-less bag and, no joke, thought two strong words: Epic! Fail! But when I gave a go at it with my  jeans, I changed my tune. Things were just: a silly fail!

In the end, though, everything was turning out just fine. I ignored the possibility that I was getting some funny looks from fellow gym-goers, and I just pedaled away, enjoying my current e-read: The Truth About Ever After by the delightful, fellow indie chick-lit author, Rachel Schurig. I'm about a quarter the way through and it's really fun and fab! Here’s the book if you’re interested:

It’s technically the fourth in her Three Girls series, but it’d be a great girly read even if you haven’t read the series. However, how could you not want to read the series? I mean, come on. It’s good! Check out her work if you like. She’s a great writer. She’s a really neat girl. And I think Rachel and her work are super cool. She’s found some great (and growing) success in her indie publishing career and, well, what can I say? She inspires me and I hope to have a similar success story of my own some day!

So, in the end, the workout in the Banana Republic blue jeans was not an epic fail, nor was it really a fail. Funny? Yes it was. But with a really good e-book in hand, all signs of a failed day at the gym had gone away! I was one entertained pedaler…even if I looked ridiculous. (No. There’s no ‘if.’ I did look ridiculous.)

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, for those of you readers who celebrate the gobble-gobble-turkey day. And, if you’re a Black Friday shopper, have FUN! I’m so envious of all of those who will be standing in the freezing, possibly snowy, dark at three or four in the morning. Oh…I loved that shopping day. Seriously! The bargains I’ve found from Black Fridays…amazing. Have fun!

And, really quick. Speaking of Black Friday. I’m participating in THIS Black Friday Blog Hop where you can win some really cool stuff online, including something from me. What it will be I have no clue yet…but come back here next Friday and you’ll have a chance at winning whatever it is that I’ll be giving away. :)

P.S.: I promise. Last thing. But it's really important so I wanted to make sure I shared. For the remainder of the year I'll be donating a portion of all book sales to the American Red Cross for the Hurricane Sandy victims. If you want to make a direct donation yourself, here's the link. It's so unbelievable what these people have been going through. Every little bit can help.

Happy Reading!