When Girlfriends Step Up

Hey There! Wow! How times flies! It seems like only yesterday when I put the final touches on When Girlfriends Break Hearts and let it fly on Amazon. And now! Now the sequel to WGBH is almost here! Almost, as in less than a week!

The sequel that I’m extremely excited to share (my favorite book I’ve written so far), is titled When Girlfriends Step Up. It’ll be available on Amazon on 27 September. And I have to give serious kudos to one of my beta readers, Ginger, for nailing it on the head. I was in a major title funk and when she suggested WGSU I could picture exactly what it looked like on my cover. It was perfect!

That brings me to my cover… I’m not 100% sure this will be the cover, but I thought maybe I’d show off what I have right now. I’m really loving it, but my husband (my cover designer) thinks it might need a little something extra.

So, what do you think, readers?

Is this cover lacking something?

When Girlfriends Step Up - EBOOK by Savannah Page

I love the concept of a simple “one bold item” on the cover for my When Girlfriends… books. But, I guess this new cover doesn’t have that extra little something that the first one does with the broken heart confetti… I don’t know…your thoughts?

If you want to leave a Facebook comment, or send me a tweet, or email, or even a Goodreads comment (you can comment on Blog posts there; it’s pretty neat)…if you want to let me know what you think I’d love to hear from you. Come Monday I’ll be certain what the cover will look like, but for now I present you with this! And welcome any thoughts!

And, now, synopsis time! (Click to blow up.)

With the release of my new book (27 Sept. Thursday!!) I’ll be doing some guest blog posts over the next couple of weeks, so I’ll be sure to share that info here and on the other social networks.

The first stop, though, is going to be on Tuesday, over at the Every Free Chance Book Reviews Blog. Chrissy’s a major reader and has a fun blog for anyone who loves to devour a good book! I’m looking forward to guest blogging for her, and she was so kind to offer a spotlight for When Girlfriends Break Hearts! (And later a review!!) I’ll keep you posted. :)

It’s time I jet off to the bakery before they close. I need to fill this apartment with the necessary carbs it requires to run properly. Then it’s time for some housework because the floors still don’t know how to clean themselves! Maybe they need some extra carbs. ;)

I’ll be back here next week, so until then have a great weekend!!

Happy Reading!