Time for an Update

Hey There! What’s going on this summery day for everyone?

It’s been a very busy month here in Berlin (summer, actually, hence my distance from the Blog). Last week I celebrated my birthday, and also celebrated the birthday of my mother-in-law. Some fun times! The hubs and I took a weekend trip to his hometown of Halle an der Saale via the trusty train (halfway inserting sarcasm here) and we had a nice time. Why sarcasm, you might ask? Normally I love train travel in Germany, but every now and then the system fails. I suppose that’s normal with anything. No such thing as perfection, right?

Now, usually the trains departing Berlin are on-time and carry us well and fashionably on time. Not much to complain about there. But it’s coming home that often seems to be the bugger. Our train wasn’t as late coming back from Halle this weekend as it has been before. (About a half hour.) We’ve been later…much later. The snow was to blame then, however. On a warm and sunny August day there’s no reason to blame tardiness on the snow. What was the reason for our half hour tardiness, you might ask? Construction work, apparently. The regular train route and time we’re used to (and booked) was changed between the couple of weeks we purchased the tickets and the time of travel, all unbeknownst to us. I guess the schedule hadn’t been updated and the travelers not made aware. Grrrr.

Anyway, aside from this random rant about uppity train travel (honestly, normally I love it), the ride was smooth and I was able to get in a good hundred pages or so of my two current reads, Stephen King’s 11.22.63and Candace Bushnell’s Summer and the City. (Both I highly recommend!)

August has been fun as it wasn’t only birthday celebration month, but my kid brother came into town for a week. That was very enjoyable! I always love having family visit, and love putting on my tour guide hat and adding quite the number of kilometers on the shoes from city trekking!

And, August has been busy because it’s editing time for the sequel to When Girlfriends Break Hearts, AND, I’ve been madly working on the third installment in the When Girlfriends… series. Yup. Decided for the first time to take a stab at editing one book and writing another simultaneously. So far so good, although this third book is a real challenge to write. Definitely the most challenging I’ve had to date.

Well, it looks like I best get to cleaning up the apartment (it’s that time again. Drats!). Before I go I wanted to share that I’m going to be featuring another Q&A with the Author Blog post this week. This Friday (Aug. 31st) I’m welcoming the lovely lady and fellow chick lit author, Tracie Banister, to the Blog! She’s going to dish some fun tidbits about herself, her work, and her writing process, and introduce you to her latest novel (perfect for the summer time), the Miami, Florida-based In Need of Therapy. I can’t wait to share so be sure to come back on Friday!

Happy Reading!