Back From Vacation and Ready to Write

Hey There! After three weeks on the road and in the air, thousands of miles logged, and far too many Del Taco bean and cheese burritos and Salt Water Taffy candies later, I’m back from coffee-loving Seattle and sunny California! Gosh, vacation is pretty much the best thing ever. This year’s grand vacation was just…well, grand! It’s a bit bittersweet that it has come to a close, naturally. It was a blast and provided that much-needed “off time” that my husband and I were craving, but I’m definitely delighted to be back home in good ‘ol Berlin. With most of the jet lag behind me, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Put the pedal to metal. Hunker down and git ‘er done. Whatever and however all of those inspiring sayings go that really mean, “Get your butt moving already!” It’s time to work on When Girlfriends Break Hearts’s sequel. I’m excited, a little overwhelmed, and definitely in search of that lovely little muse that seems to be drowning in the incessant jackhammer/drilling noise that the renovators are making next door. (Seriously, couldn’t this project have been done during my vacation?) I have so much in mind for this next novel and it’s about 99% conceptualized. And…0% plotted and “scened.” But I’m really thrilled about getting that next book launched this year!

And since my latest book has been out for a month now and I haven’t exactly been around to market it, I figured it’s high time for me to jump on that. So, how about a fun little free run for When Girlfriends Break Hearts?

All day today and tomorrow (June 19-20) you can snag my latest ebook for FREE on Amazon.Enjoy! If you already have it and think it might be something a friend or family member might enjoy, please share the word. I’d be most grateful. And because free stuff is awesome. And free chick lit is awesomer! ;) Enjoy and thanks for the readership, everyone!

Well, Pike’s Place Market can no longer distract me with the flying fish and fresh flower vendors, and the gorgeous and winding landscape of California’s historic PCH/Hi-way 1 can no longer consume my attention and time, so…it’s off to work I go! Hi-ho-hi-ho-hi-ho…

Seattle in the Spring - Savannah Page author

Seattle in the spring is beautiful...

PCH Scenerey - Savannah Page author

Driving along California's PCH

Happy Reading!