The Winner of the Free Ebook Is...

Hey There! Time to announce the lucky winner of the FREE ebook contest. And the winner is…Ginger Miller Lehman. She guessed the vacation destination correctly from my random photos: Seattle!

That’s right, the land of bookstores, coffee, what is now the OKC Thunder NBA team, a gorgeous waterfront and skyline, and Frasier. Beautiful Seattle is where my husband and I are going for vacation!

In Seattle…

There are more bookstores and readers per capita than anywhere else in the U.S.

Win a Free Ebook Copy of When Girlfriends Break Hearts by Savannah Page

Coffee is almost everyone’s middle name. Starbucks, anyone?

Win a Free Ebook of When Girlfriends Break Hearts by Savannah Page

I know it’s a sore spot for some Seattle-ites, but the Super Sonics have become the OKC Thunder. But don’t fret Seattle-ites. Even though I’m an ex-Tulsa, Oklahoman it doesn’t mean I root for the Thunder. (Can you say Lakers?)

Guess the Vacation Location - Free Chick Lit Ebook Giveaway - Savannah Page

Skyline. You bet! Waterfront? It’s not just right there, it’s its own ‘neighborhood,’ if you will. Right there with the world-famous Pike Place Market. (And yes, I plan on trying to catch a flying fish from the boisterous fish mongers when I’m there.)


And Frasier. As you could tell from the photo I am a die-hard Dr. Frasier (and Niles) Crane fan. You can bet that any Jack Russell Terrier I see scuttling about town will be Eddie to me.

Guess the City - Giveaway of Free Ebook by Savannah Page

Seattle is also the home of Sophie Wharton, my recent novel’s protagonist. And home to the whole slew of girlfriends in my new book!

When Girlfriends Break Hearts - EBOOK

I’ve never been to this lovely city but it’s always been a dream. And as much as I love Oklahoma, I wanted to place my current novel in a different city that was new and fresh for me. Of course it’d be easier to write a city that I know, but a little adventure can be fun. And there’s nothing that a good Lonely Planet guidebook can’t help in the the settings-for-writers department.

But now I’m getting to see Seattle for realsies! And all of that writing prep I did for When Girlfriends Break Hearts with my guidebook will come in handy yet again. I can’t wait to visit and, most certainly, get even more information that will help with my novel’s sequel. That’s right. Sequel! I can’t just leave Sophie and the girls stuck in one book. They need another one. Maybe a few more….

Well it’s getting late and it’s time to get some shut-eye. Congrats again to Ginger for winning a free ebook copy of my new book. It’s already in your inbox! (So long as the computer spirits didn’t pull a fast one.)

Happy Reading!