One Week and Counting...and Another GIVEAWAY!

Hey There! The countdown is on, my friends! In just ONE WEEK When Girlfriends Break Hearts is hitting the e-shelves. And I’m really hoping the actual bookshelves, too, via Amazon. I’ve been eagerly awaiting my proof copy and I paid a little extra for fast shipping. Now what that means for the sluggish snail mail I don’t really know, but I think I can blame the Zollamt / Customs for any possible lethargic behavior. But, gotta stay positive. That paperback book will come before my May 15th launch date and then I can have an ebook AND a paperback launch! Regardless of the post, the book will be out electronically in 1 week!!

So with one week to go it’s promo time again. Last week one lucky winner won a signed copy of Bumped to Berlin. And the ebook and paperback prices were reduced for the heck of it for a short while. Oh, and I just have to vent a little. Speaking of temporary price reductions (and a total aside here). I’m a Candace Bushnell fan on Facebook (and, yes, subtle references to Sex and the City are included my own upcoming chicklit; can’t resist). She announced on her Wall recently that her two Carrie Diaries ebooks would be on sale for $2.99 a piece. Of course the first Carrie Diaries book was already in my to-read and my to-buy queue, and I was delighted when I successfully snagged that for my Kindle at $2.99. I read that part II, Summer and the City, was on sale too, but nope. And I’ve been ridiculously stalking that book to see if $2.99 magically pops up. No luck.

Not to be cheap, but when it comes to big-name and non-indie authors, I don’t mind trying to save a few bucks and snag a sale. Now if Ms. Bushnell was an indie girl, well, naturally I’d pay full price and completely support. Of course, $8.99 for an ebook isn’t exactly the mainstream indie price…. Anyway, totally long rant, but if anyone finds Summer and the City on sale for $2.99 please give me a shout out. Twitter, Facebook…It’s a limited-time-only deal apparently, but the part I is still on sale, so who knows. Anyway, onto other news. Goodness knows I have a full enough library of books I need to read. Adding another chicklit to the list is…well…adding another to the pile. :)

Onto PROMOTION. I’ve decided to give away a digital copy of my new novel, When Girlfriends Break Hearts. Kindle reader? Nook girl/guy? iPad guru? Another ebook fan? Doesn’t matter. If you’re the lucky winner of the FREE ebook then the format is your choice. So how can you enter the GIVEAWAY?

From a marketing standpoint this is probably a lost giveaway that I’m planning. Usually indies are really encouraged to get the biggest bang for the promo/giveaway buck; like get a bunch of tweets or Twitter followers going. Create hype and spread the word. Thickly. Get Facebook fans flooding in. Blog comments, newsletter members, yadda yadda. All in the name of winning something and gaining some exposure. Well, I have this idea and I thought it’d be fun to do, so I’m just going to do it whether or not it makes marketing sense. I’m in a fun and carefree mood so here it goes.

My husband and I are going somewhere for our summer vacation. Somewhere that I’m pretty psyched about. Alright, we’re going a few little places, actually, but one place in particular is the answer needed to be considered for the giveaway!

Over the course of this week (ending Sunday night, the 13th and Mother’s Day for those who need a little reminder) I’m going to be posting some photos that hint where we’re headed this summer. Regardless of what this has to do with my book release or, well, anything, I want to do this quirky idea.

I’ll announce the vacation location here on my Blog and Facebook Page and on Twitter next week before the book release, and then I’ll draw and announce 1 lucky winner who guessed correctly. And you can guess a few times! Just share your guess on my Facebook Page (commenting under the photo is probably easiest). OR share in reply to my tweeted photo on Twitter.

Not sure how many pics I’ll post, but we’ll see how creative I can get. Each one will somehow hint at the destination. So have fun guessing away and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner of a free e-copy of my new book!

Thanks for reading (and for listening to the rant).

And don’t forget to check out my recent Facebook posts and tweets as I’ll be posting some photos pertaining to the giveaway very soon…and randomly!

Happy Reading!