New Years Resolutions...Let's Call Them Goals or Plans or Something Else

Hey There! 2012. It’s here. Can you believe it? With this fabulous new year it’s time to make the ‘ol “To Do List.” I have refrained for years from calling it a New Years Resolution or resolution compilation or anything conventional like that since they have always left a bad taste in my mouth (mostly because I fall short of keeping to the so-called “resolutions”). Alright, and also because I hate the commonplace-ness of “let’s make resolutions!”

Besides, come February 14th that whole don’t-eat-anymore-candy thing will be washed down the sink any way. Come probably mid-January the going to the gym every other day of the rest of your life will be a “yeah, right” kinda thing. And let’s face it…resolutions aren’t really goals or dreams or even to-dos. They’re resolutions. They’re a cliche we’re encouraged to do like eat a bowel of black eyed peas or split peas or green beans or whatever that tradition is on the first of the year. They leave a bad taste in your mouth (the beans and the resolutions) and they’re invitations for disappointment. Failure. I stay away from them. (“The first step to failure is trying,” said the wise Homer. haha All jokes right here, of course. Seriously.) Rather, I “make goals.” Alright, so I really make resolutions and just call them something else. But words are here to be used, right? So I have fun with them.

In all actuality I fell off the let’s-make-a-resolution wagon ages ago. I didn’t want to run with the crowd so I shook the whole thing off. If I wasn’t going to jog a mile a day in 2011, why would I do it in 2012? Because a list made on December 31st was going to force me somehow? Nah. I say, "Let’s make goals or projected plans for the year." And let’s hope we get there. Let’s work to get there. Let’s see what happens. But let’s not beat ourselves up because we’ve missed the so-called resolution boat again.

Actually, in terms of fitness goals, last year around February, I think it was, I made a goal to do at least 40 crunches a day and 10 push-ups. That was it. No more, no fewer. If I did more right off the bat then I’d quickly come to dread this 50-a-day workout thing real fast. If I did fewer, then I was cheating myself. The number could increase in the future, if I liked, but there was to be no pressure. I had the square number of 50 total in my mind, with a hope of having a little more muscle mass in the arm and stomach regions. Just a try. Figured I’d make it a part of my shower regimen so it was just something I had to do. Like washing your body with soap. You have to do it. It’s just a part of life. It wasn’t like washing behind the ears or Step 3 of the salon hair treatment where it might be okay to not do it now and then. This routine of 50 was supposed to become a part of my every day cleaning routine. No whining. It wasn’t a resolution. Heck, it wasn’t even a goal or a plan. It was just a “do it.” Do it...or else!

Almost a year later this routine has been religiously kept-to, with modifications. And good modifications, at that! It’s 120 crunches a day, and was 15 push-ups, until my wrists said, “What the hell are you doing?” We’re back to 10 of those now. The numbers slowly climbed not because I became obsessive about it (because being obsessive about anything is bad news, especially work out regimens. If God intended for us to work out, we would’ve emerged from the womb with a treadmill in tow, or at least a pair of Nikes). What started out as 40 crunches turned to 50, then 75, then 100, and you get the picture. It just sort of evolved over the year.

As for the routine of every-day-ness? I’ll admit, there have been days I’ve slipped and not just because I decided to nix the shower that day. (I know, shame on dirty me.) But for the most part I’ve kept to it like peanut butter on a doggie’s tongue. Originally I planned on doing this 2 minute routine every time before I got into the shower or bath. I wanted to make it a “it’s just like washing with soap” kinda thing. Habit. But then it sort of became a “when it’s convenient” thing, and that’s not ideal. Because is working out ever convenient? Since I do pilates for the relaxation, stretching and toning factors in my own make-shift studio at home four times a week I’d often just add this 2 minute plan to my pilates program. But the other three days when I wasn’t doing pilates I’d see the convenience factor playing in now and again and saying, “Writing or reading is much more convenient (and fun) than working out. Even if just for 2 minutes. And I can skip just one day….” I’ll admit I fell a few days, and bombed during Christmas time, but would have to give myself an 'A-' or even an 'A' for the steadfastness of the program.

Anyhow, over all, in nearly one year’s time, I have stuck to this routine almost every day, unless I’m sick or on vacation and find the absence of my rug or pilates mat a good enough excuse to pass on the work out. I think that by refusing to make this a 2011 resolution, and for instituting it in February rather than on 12/31, I did myself a favor and have seen success. I do need to get on myself a little more for being consistent and getting back to the whole “before the shower” thing so I’ll definitely do this small 2 minute work out every day without fail. But I’d have to say I’m quite proud that this “resolution” has been panning out all-in-all.

So what’s the point of all of this resolution/planning/goal gibberish? 2012 is here and this is the first time in a long time where I’ve actually felt that it’s time to make some "resolutions." Time to "join the masses" in making promises during the first of the year (first week, I should say). I can still refer to these new years "resolutions" as goals, plans, whatever. Basically saying “I’m going to do it” and actually do it. Period.

Now that I’m a self-published indie author I need to make myself serious goals and make a plan to get things done even more so. I’m my own boss, and while I’ve been my own boss for awhile now (with my social media marketing and blogging company for wedding businesses), it’s highly important that I keep to my goals and work towards them. And in a timely manner. I’m not blogging for clients and answering to their requests. I’m writing. For pleasure, pretty much. Having fun. Creating. I’m writing…for you. And you can’t read something that’s not written. I can’t just not make timelines and goals and expect creative writing pieces to come about. The only person that’s pushing me to get the next novel out is myself (and maybe the husband and handful of lovely and trusty readers). If I want to make a career for myself as an author I need to…write. I need to publish. I need to get my books out there. So I need a resolution!

I’ve been putting words together and calling them books since I was six. I’ve been doing it for years. Writing in various forms. Novels. Novellas. Songs. Poetry. Short stories. Blog posts. Advertisement blips. And in various genres. I can do my second novel, and that’s what 2012 has in store for me in the area of new years resolutions...or goals. I have a pretty solid idea as to the genre and style that my next book will take, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be one in a series of six. I know it will be out in 2012. I know it's going to be "chick lit." That's the plan.

The other day I went out to IKEA and picked up a new bulletin/planning board that will help me track character development, plot, timeline, and all that nitty gritty author stuff. And that timeline, of course. I’m super excited. I’ve got all the tools I need right here in the office and in my head. Now I’ve just got to write!

Off I go. Wish me luck! (Well, since I haven’t figured out how to turn on the comments yet, wish me silent luck.) From Bumped to Berlin, to the next novel…this indie author journey is work-work-work, but fun-fun-fun! Thank you for joining in on the ride with me, dear readers!

Best wishes to everyone making resolutions or goals or plans or whatever you wish this year. Fight failure and press on with getting those to-dos done! And if you want to wait until February to initiate the plan, who's going to stop you? ;0 They're really only resolutions if you call them that...and maybe if you make them on or really close to the new year.

Happy Reading!