Bumped to Berlin


It all started with a dream. During a semester abroad in Europe, Savannah Page visited Berlin, got lost in a former East German neighborhood, and made a discovery...and a promise. She was enamored of the multikulti city that offered her everything she wanted in a home: big city-life, rich history, on continental Europe, and a diverse community. She was determined to call Berlin home some day.

Five years later, she and her husband found themselves making the giant jump from the heart of America in Oklahoma across the Atlantic to the bustling capital of Germany. Berlin had officially become home and things couldn't have been more perfect.

Until she realized that being bumped to Berlin meant learning the way of the world, auf Deutsch. In a world where there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place...and then some.

In this convivial and bubbly personal / travel narrative, Savannah shares her everyday experiences--and love and frustration--of expatriate life in the land of beer and brats.

From discovering the art of grocery shopping to the simple joys that freshly baked bread hold; from the perpetually looming air of paranoia that invades nearly every aspect of German life to the peculiar way the Berliners enjoy their rare moments of good weather, Bumped to Berlin is Savannah's story of becoming a Berliner. Of being an American living abroad in a city that is surprising her at every turn, and is a constant reminder that dreams can come true...even if they're flavored with a bit of paranoia, excessive cleanliness, and unpronounceable vowels.

Bumped to Berlin is sure to entertain readers who enjoy armchair travels and playful anecdotes of expatriate life.

**This is the new & revised 2nd edition of Bumped to Berlin, published February 2013**

Available in Ebook and Paperback

It is rare for me to enjoy a book so much I want to re-read it, but Bumped to Berlin is one I would definitely like to experience again. I absolutely LOVED it!
— Amazon Reviewer
It’s not easy to write a book about one’s life experiences, and also expose a soul of a city. In Bumped to Berlin Savannah Page has done exactly that. ... Her easy conversational tone [makes] it impossible to stop reading.
— Amazon Reviewer